Thursday, March 10, 2011

Self disclosure

Well, then. Blogging. Ok. Welcome! I would start out by saying that I'm a 30-something American woman married to a 40-something Englishman with 2 half-English, half-American kids (amazing how that works!) living in the suburbs of London and trying to figure out what to do with my life. Work? Stay home? Go back to school for something or another? Go for a run? Nap? Cookie? Mmmm, cookie. But I'm pretty sure it's only my mother reading this, so I won't. Hi, Mom!

Also, I just want to admit a couple of things before I get going.

Confession 1: There will probably be cursing. Not as in, "A pox on your house!" but more as in "shit, my children are behaving like assholes." There. I said it. Now that we've broken the ice on that one, don't you feel better?  

Confession 2: My palms are a little bit sweaty as I type this. Mostly because, wow, blogging requires so many more WORDS than status updates. You should see the size of this white box I'm typing in! Phew. I keep having flashbacks to days when school papers were due, and I'd have only 3.5 pages typed up when 5 were required, and that's when you

s t a r t  r e a l l y  m e s s i n g  w i t h  t h e

s p a c i n g  a n d  h o p e  t h a t  n o  o n e  n o t i c e s . 

That's it for confessions because let's be honest: A blog is like one big, long confession. And I like it. Self disclosure! Maybe next time I'll talk about my first-ever spray tan or getting eyebrow threading. Or about how I think I might have some sort of addiction to job hunting and getting a second interview. Or about how my children are behaving like assholes. Ha ha! Just kidding! I love them and motherhood is bliss.

Or maybe I will explore such important conundrums as "why the tissues in the tiny little travel packs are SO EFF-ING BIG AND THICK that you could probably tile your bathroom with them and they only like to put about 5 of them in there so you are always running out and frankly, on the go is when I tend to need tissues MOST URGENTLY, but yet the ones in the boxes at home are so flimsy and badly made that they leave little bits of tissue dust on your counter when you yank them out." (It's my blog. I can use run-on sentences if I feel like it.)

Now would probably also be good time to confess that I am a neat freak who has issues with things like tissue dust.

C  o  m  e   b  a  c  k   s  o  o  n  .


  1. hahahahaha... your mother

  2. I have smiled all the way through reading this well done its sooo true and funny!!

  3. I also recall that you woke your roomate up at night, cursing at the printer that never seemed to work when those term papers were due. What's eyebrow threading?

  4. Darnit I spelled roommate wrong.